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Many people experience difficulties with breathing normally during sleep, and two of the resulting conditions are snoring and sleep apnea. Both can cause multiple disturbances, resulting in a loss of sleep and uncomfortable nights. However, they can also result in more serious health issues. Our experienced dentists can provide oral devices that reduce or prevent snoring and sleep apnea so you can enjoy a great night of rest and breathe easily.

How Snoring Devices Work

Snoring occurs when the pathway through the mouth is obstructed by the relaxation of the soft palate. The sound is the result of the soft palate vibrating as air tries to flow past it. Snoring mouthpieces prevent snoring by repositioning the mouth to open the airway, leaving plenty of room for air to flow through unobstructed. This results in better sleep for you and your sleeping partner and better overall health. We can create several types of snoring devices based on your needs and sleep habits.

How Sleep Apnea Devices Work

Sleep apnea is a serious condition in which the airways are obstructed significantly by relaxed muscles and tissues in the mouth and throat. It can cause a sleeper to stop and start breathing several times throughout the night. Dental devices can be used to reposition the airway for easier breathing. Not all cases of sleep apnea can be resolved using dental devices, so consult with your doctor and our dental team to learn if you are a candidate for sleep apnea oral devices.

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