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Teeth Extractions

Our dentists strive to preserve and protect natural teeth first and foremost. In the event that a tooth has suffered too much destruction to be saved or repaired, our dentists will recommend extraction as the best solution. Tooth extraction might also be recommended in extreme cases of root infection or as part of an orthodontic solution.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before the procedure begins, you’ll receive local anesthesia until you reach profound numbness to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Then, depending on the reason for extraction, our dentists will carefully and precisely remove the tooth, including the pulp and root. After the extraction, we will provide you with at-home care instructions to ensure healthy, speedy healing. If you experience fear or anxiety surrounding dental procedures, be sure to ask our team about whether sedation dentistry could be right for you.

Types of Extractions

Teeth need to be extracted for many reasons, and in most cases, it is related to your overall health and wellbeing. Overcrowded teeth, infected teeth, damaged teeth, and wisdom teeth may need to be removed by our dentists in order to provide additional treatments, better oral health, or improved functionality. Our dentists offer simple tooth extractions right here in our Nanaimo dental clinic. For more complex cases, we may refer patients to a nearby specialist.

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